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Till Death by Miranda Lyn *PREORDER*

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Till Death by Miranda Lyn *PREORDER*


*Expected to ship by the last week of November.

This is a HARDCOVER edition of Till Death by Miranda Lyn.

The first 27 people to order will be gifted a bookplate signed by Miranda.
(27 including the send your own orders; first come, first serve).

Book one in an interconnected series of STANDALONES.

Beyond the realm of gods, two cities stand at the brink of despair, and a dark destiny awaits Death's newest Maiden.

Long ago, Requiem was plagued by war and abandoned by the gods but Death saved the suffering people, giving each soul a hundred years of immortality. With that grace, he also sent two Maidens. One of Life, for healing and comfort, and one of Death, the only person in the world with the ability to kill.

Generations later, the Life Maiden is missing and Princess Deyanira is nothing more than a trained weapon. A hunter. A murderer wrenched into Death's dark court to have the name of her next victim seared onto her palm.

She is the enemy of this land. But, when she's given the chance to bring peace through marriage and finally show her father's kingdom her worth, she is viciously tricked into marrying the wrong man, ruining the future of the damaged realm. Her only hope to give something back to the world is to find the missing Life Maiden.

Now, eternally bound to her enemy and dragged into the dark burlesque show her new husband is bound to, she must fight to keep herself free. And her heart. Especially when she becomes the hunted.

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