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Returns All items are final sale. However if your book comes damaged from the mail carrier I will absolutely replace it, but the damaged one must be sent back.

Book Defects Minor book defects will not be eligible for replacements. Examples include but are not limited to, dust jackets folded slightly off, slightly squished corners, weird binding (that's has no effect on reading the book), stuck together pages.    

No designs are custom to you unless specifically requested and equally paid for. Use of those designs can be sold to others at any time.

Missing Packages happen every so often. You may reach out if you have questions about yours. Sometimes mail is just detouring unfortunately and they like to see the world before gracing your doorstep. Replacements will not be considered until a case is filed with the shipping company. If you wait 60+ days from expected delivery to notify me that you have lost or not received your package unfortunately there is not much we can do for that as claims can not be filed after 60 days which means we can not even get help finding your lost package. It's up to SPP's discretion on how to proceed in this case.

Paint on the end papers can happen, and is to be expected especially on older books. 

All Non US customers 
are responsible for any extra fees for importing your order. 

If an invoice or payment link is NOT PAID within 7 days (unless discussed) it will be cancelled and your spot will be given to the next person.

Waitlist time is pretty backed up. If I reach out you have 48 hours to respond before I move on to the next person in line. 

Sending Your Own Book is cool, but if I do not have proof of shipment within 7 days I will cancel and refund 90% your payment.

Sending Your Own Book Please Prepare Your Book. Make sure you clear out everything in it. annotation tabs, overlays, bookmarks. I will not do it for you and they will be painted.

Special Editions can be sent, but like every order there is always a chance of paint bleeding, missing packages, and damaged in transit packages. When you pay you agree that Simply.Painted.Pages is not responsible for any of these things and that you understand mistakes happen.

Faded Base Color. If you are getting books painted with more than one color the base coat is set 24 hours before placing the stencil on top. However the stencil can still sometimes pull up some paint with it especially if there are remnants from the the pages being cut. It will look like faded coloring. Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about that and its just the way the book is produced. There are no returns or refunds.
EXAMPLE PHOTO: Hollow Heathens (Bottom)

For LARGE ORDERS, you have 15-days from the time I finish your books to pay in full. If this is not met the books will then incur $5/day per box for storage. After 40 days of NON PAYMENT they will become my property to do with as I please.